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A JUDGE described this week how a convicted gun supplier had behaved like a madman' when he charged at three police officers with a samurai sword as he awaited trial for more than a dozen firearmsMark Watts (30), of 21 Avery Square, Haydock, pleaded guilty to charges of affray, possession of an offensive weapon, damaging two police cars and racially aggravated harassment at Liverpool Crown

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When Watts' wife finally reopened the door to speak to the police, Watts charged at the officers with a samurai sword, waving the three foot blade from side to side.

then heard violent screams coming from inside and a loud bang, which, at first, they believed to be a gunshot.

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Summing up the case, Judge John Roberts said: "Despite facing very serious firearms offences, you were granted bail no doubt with assurances that you would stay out of trouble. However, when

sentence behind bars.

When he returned to the house, a siege situation developed, until, after several hours, a truce was negotiated and Watts was led away.

When the officers attempted to reason with him, he slammed the front door shut and bellowed threats at them from inside the house.

As reported in the Star in March, Watts has now been convicted of all the weapons charges, including conspiracy to purchase, acquire, sell or transfer prohibited weapons and is serving a 15 year

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Court Converse Black Low on Monday (June 9) offences which were all committed in a terrifying altercation with police in the early hours of Boxing Day 2007.

The officers Converse Jack Purcell Timeline

because a judge had released him on bail the week before Christmas.

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As the officers retreated and called for armed backup, Watts vented his anger on two police vans smashing the windows and wing mirrors of the vehicles with the sword.

Henry Riding QC, prosecuting, told the court that Watts had a long list of previous convictions for violent offences, in addition to the guns charges he was found guilty of in March.

In mitigation, Paul Becker QC, defending, argued that Watts hadn't been found guilty of any violent offences between 1999 and 2007, but conceded that the defendant's actions that night were quiteMr Becker added that the Converse Womens

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Alarmingly, the court heard that Watts, who had been charged with 13 weapons offences after his arrest in a dramatic police raid last September, was only free to commit further serious crimes

Gun dealer in sword attack From St Helens Star

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samurai sword had been brought into the country legally and argued: "Although he was Converse High Tops Grey

But the court heard this week that at around 12.20am on Boxing Day three police officers attended Watts' house to arrest him for an alleged breach of his curfew a charge Watts vehementlyThey reported Watts to be drunk and aggressive'.

However, while en route to St Helens police station, the court heard that Watts continued to be abusive and aggressive and had to be restrained by force.

completely out of control that night, he didn't damage anybody."

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