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It may have been a long time since it was last uttered in the town, but it still features in the present, featuring prominently on Langtree Park. Now Converse White High Tops Celebrity

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"It was also used as our inspiration in the development of Dream. The current motto, Prosperitas In Excelsis, means 'Flourishing Well'. I know which one I prefer."

"Ex terra lucem makes me cringe, despite it being over 30 years since my last Latin lesson. By all means bring it back, but use the correct Latin. If we translate it as "out of the earth came light", light is the subject of the sentence and should be in the nominative: lux. Also, my Latin teacher insisted that ex is only used before a vowel (although internet sources say Converse Shoes For Girls High Cut White And Black

there are others who say it needs to make a.

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Growing support to bring back former town motto 'Ex Terra Lucem' From St Helens Star

old 'dynamic' motto.

manufacture products distributed all over the world, which gave St Helens its unique identity. It suits us perfectly.

e or ex are both acceptable before a consonant).

bring it back.

the main themes of a true world event."

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Gary Conley, one of the figures behind bringing Dream to St Helens, said the motto was the inspiration for miners who planned the artwork on the old pit at Sutton Manor. He is more than keen to

Gary said: "Ex Terra Lucem, from the earth comes light, is what this wonderful town was built on.

"At Sutton Manor Colliery we dug coal from under the ground, which went to the power stations that produced light and power so industries like Pilkingtons and Beechams could flourish Converse Black High Cut and

To keep the spirit of Mr Burrows happy, please campaign for the correct Latin, e terra lux."

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the DNA of the ceremony.

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INSPIRED by the stunning success of the Olympics opening ceremony and its links to St Helens, there is a growing band of people calling for the town to go back to its

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Writing in her leader's newsletter, Cllr Marie Rimmer said: "When you think there was a worldwide audience of millions everyone in St Helens can be really proud our town helped to inspire one of

He said the motto, 'out of the earth came light' was woven into Converse Metallic

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