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The Bloc won 49 seats in Parliament. The only way they will be able to control the Converse Ballet Lace Slip direction that Parliament takes is with the support of at least one other party.

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The attempt to discount their votes seems to prove that federalism is not working for Converse Quilted

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

Fairly quickly, Stephen Harper became power hungry and began threatening the other parties with an election.

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In spite of this, Harper was well on his way to a majority government, when his success went to his head and he overstepped himself.

sometimes with the support of the Bloc, and at first with the support of the NDP.

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

The people of Canada cannot be held hostage by them unless a majority agrees with them, the same as any other party.

This minority government passed legislation that made it law that elections would be held at regular four year intervals.

This demonizing of the Bloc and its supporters has aided and encouraged separatism in Quebec.

Now the Conservatives and Harper are trying to convince Canadians that the Bloc should not be accepted as legitimate members of Parliament. They were legitimate when they supported him, but not when they support others?

The Conservatives ruled this way for the last three years, sometimes with the support of the Liberals, Converse Shoes Yellow Womens

He successfully introduced several pieces of legislation that were unpalatable to the other parties, daring them to oppose them. Converse On Feet

These tactics worked so well that Harper succeeded in passing the legislation and weakened the other parties to the point that he felt confident enough to ignore his own legislation and call an election.

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He announced further, ideologically driven policies that scared many Canadians into voting for any party that would prevent a Conservative majority.

At the same time, he initiated American style attack ads that destroyed the credibility of Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

Harper must stop playing political games

The electorate had voted in a minority government and their wishes were to be respected. No one wanted another election.

The electorate had denied him a mandate to govern, but he was going to do so anyway.

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

them. They are, after all, Canadians with all the rights enjoyed by all Canadians, including the right to reject Harper's agenda.

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

In Quebec the attack ads had undermined Dion and the Liberals. The only way to prevent a Conservative majority was to vote for the Bloc. Thousands did so, not because they were separatists, but to stop Harper.

Converse Ballet Lace Slip

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