Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Roop said he never saw Bassi act aggressively. This was out of character, he said.

inside the courthouse at a time when only three armed officers were in the front lobby.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

know. said Bassi was a good neighbour who helped him with little things here and there. He doesn think Bassi drank. Roop said Bassi had a trucking business, but never talked about his work.

Gunman targeting someone in courthouse

Bassi was known by police to be heavily involved in the drug trade, although he was never convicted of those type of offences, the source stated.

He has been officially unemployed for five years, the source noted.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Neighbours, meanwhile, described Bassi as and who declined to give his last name, lived next door to Bassi for a decade. He called him a soul and can understand what would drive him to such ends.

asked him about it years ago but I never wanted to pry, he said.

are really wondering if others aren involved. For one man to try to penetrate a courthouse to shoot someone with the security involved, it too crazy, said the source.

Peel police did not comment on his past but did say they are planning to conduct a complete probe to go alongside the SIU investigation.

took it hard, so did my wife, he said. starting to get used All Black Converse High Tops Size 8

Brampton courthouse was fortified Monday by the presence of heavily armed ETF officers and police squad cars circling the outside premises.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

never had a complaint about him, he said. anything, at first I say he was too quiet. But he warmed up eventually and we would talk. Gohil, who lives next door to Bassi ex wife Sonya, said he has heard the couple fighting before.

Sources say Bassi is known to police for past allegations which include weapons.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Police are Converse Ballet Lace Maroon investigating whether the gunman who wounded a Peel Regional Police officer was targeting someone inside the Brampton Courthouse Friday morning, sources have told the Toronto Sun.

Meanwhile, police continued to investigate the shooting, canvassing the north Brampton neighbourhood where Bassi and his ex wife Sonya both lived Monday.

Two police officers shot back, killing Bassi on the corridor floors Converse Shoes Ladies Size 5

are asking anyone with information about Mr. Bassi and his movements over the past several weeks to contact them at 905 453 2121 ext. 3205, Staff Sgt. Dan Richardson said Monday.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

plan really makes sense. You could ambush someone in the large parking lot that is not secured and there is only one entrance or exit from the Brampton courthouse so why try something like this inside with the police presence when the outside is wide open, said the source who is familiar with the Brampton courts.

Another source said a courthouse regular was told, better get to the temple today and thank God for these cops at the courthouse.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

particular, investigators are trying to determine what brought Mr. Bassi to the Brampton Courthouse and his intentions on that date, police said in a statement.

least that won be a stain on (Bassi soul, he said. would have had to have triggered this. I just don Men Converse Style

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

Charnjit Singh Bassi, 45, who has been known to police for a long time but hasn accumulated a substantial record, was shot dead by police when he pulled his handgun out of a holster and fired at Const. Michael Klarenbeek.

It unknown who Bassi was targeting on Friday but it was he believed would be in the courthouse at that time, said the source. Police are also probing whether he acted alone and if anyone aided him.

to the idea that he not here anymore. a tragedy on both sides, for (Bassi) and for the police officer. said he is relieved Klarenbeek will survive.

was looking for somebody or it was suicide by cop bullets, said the second source.

Converse Ballet Lace Maroon

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