Converse All White High Tops

Giving evidence Partridge said he moved into his property in 2009. He claimed he had only cut down three trees which were within the boundaries of adjoining properties and had removed dead branches from Scots pines, but he denied causing the damage to the other trees.

In summing up Judge Converse One Star High Tops

Alasdair Darroch told the jury that when considering their verdict they must decide whether Partridge had damaged trees. He told the jury about certain scenarios where people are allowed to cut trees and said the prosecution did not have to prove that Partridge had damaged each and every one of the trees.

He said in July 2010 a neighbour had looked out of her conservatory to see Partridge cutting a tree and that she said she had seen him on the land about 20 times.

Converse All White High Tops

Converse All White High Tops

Mr Shaw said the landowner Mr Taylor had had the trees planted to Converse All White High Tops protect an area designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty and in the 1970s obtained a grant to plant trees to create a screen from a housing estate. He said those trees had been growing for 25 to 30 years until Mr Taylor noticed in late winter 2009 and early 2010 a gap in the trees and he realised someone was cutting down trees.

In the defence's closing speech, Jonathan Goodman told the jury they had not heard any evidence from either of the two experts called during the case as to when the trees were cut down.

Converse All White High Tops

The trees were on land which belongs to Norfolk farmer Julian Taylor.

trees. He said Partridge had said the area was broadly as it was when he moved to the area and that trees in the area had previously been strimmed by others.

Converse All White High Tops

denies causing damage to trees

Converse All White High Tops

Converse All White High Tops

Converse All White High Tops

Andrew Partridge, 55, is alleged to have cut down 11 trees and damaged a futher 21 trees by cutting back branches on the trees which were on agricultural land backing onto his home in Henry Ward Road.

In his closing speech Andrew Shaw, prosecuting, said Partridge had damaged deciduous and hardwood trees to improve his view, his light, and his TV reception.

He said Partridge had continuously maintained he had only cut three trees down, and that there was no evidence of Partridge felling the other Converse Shoes White Price

He said he had removed dead branches as children played in the area and he was worried that falling branches might damage his conservatory or injure a child. He also said the trees affected his TV reception.

However Partridge was charged with criminal damage after he is alleged to have felled trees despite being told not to. Partridge has denied criminal damage.

Harleston man Converse Shoes Leather Brown

He said he had got the permission of his neighbours to cut down the trees which were within their boundaries and said two of the three trees he cut down were dead.

Converse All White High Tops

Converse All White High Tops

Norwich Crown Court heard that Partridge, a HGV lorry driver, had had warnings in the past about cutting back the trees and had even been told by Mr Taylor himself not to cut them.

Converse All White High Tops

Converse All White High Tops

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