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While that might not play well in all communities losing armories, it's the simple reality of budgeting and reorganization, Reisch said.

Maj. Gen. Tim Reisch told those gathered Friday at the annual National Guard Association of South Dakota Convention that 11 of the state's 35 Army Guard units have been notified of possible deployments within the next two years. And another two could get word within the next week.

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

In time, there will be a regionalization of the 35 units now in place in 29 communities across the state, Marlette said. That will mean closing armories. But from an operational standpoint, it makes more sense that they can train Guardsmen better and support them better if they have that training and support in fewer locations, he and Reisch said.

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

He also talked about the possibility of bringing active Air Force personnel onto the Sioux Falls base some day. Such a scenario would allow, for example, for maybe 10 to 12 young active Air Force mechanics to work with experienced Air Guard counterparts.

Almost 200 members of the 196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade out of Sioux Falls touched down Thursday in Wisconsin after a year in Kabul, Afghanistan. In two weeks, 180 members of the 200th Engineering group are headed overseas.

Guard leader says armories could close despite increased deployments

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

"We would get to train them to a higher level quicker," Shanks said.

Inn in Sioux Falls. "We have been at this war for 10 years and have had somebody deployed every day since 9 11. The list of potential deployments is as long as it's ever been."

The missions going forward in such areas as security, bomb clearance and base management have required the South Dakota Guard to adapt, Reisch said. Ten years ago, there was a need for a lot more people in engineering, artillery and transportation. "Now," he Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4 said, "we need half as much artillery and less engineers."

"And then we've got another set of folks at our disposal when we do our deployments."

And even though everyone Converse Grey Pink

Two Air Guard units in Montgomery, Ala., and in Vermont are on the first list of proposed sites to potentially receive F 35s when they become available to the Air National Guard nationally, Shanks said. "We want to be on the top of the second list that comes out," he said. "As it is, the Block 40 F 16s will push us out in the future quite a ways."

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

Reisch, who just replaced retiring Maj. Gen. Steve Doohen as head of the South Dakota National Guard earlier this month, told his officers that one of his priorities is increasing the number of minorities and women in leadership positions.

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Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

Of the 3,401 members of the Army Guard, 496 are women and 102 are Native American. And of just more than 1,000 Air National Guardsmen, 190 are women; eight are Native American.

South Dakota's National Guard involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq won't end any time soon, though its presence back home continues to be transformed, state Guard leaders say.

"They truly are patriots," he said.

Brig. Gen. Jeff Marlette, head of the Army National Guard in the state, said budget cuts and military reorganization mean South Dakota actually is reducing its Army Guard numbers. Its force is at 3,401 now and must be at 3,370 by September.

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reflected in our National Guard as well."

On the Air Guard side, Brig. Gen. Wayne Shanks said the acquisition of 22 newer Block 40 F 16 fighter jets a year ago will help to preserve South Dakota's viability for years to come. It should give the 114th Fighter Wing in Sioux Falls an advantage over other state Air Guard units when it comes time to secure the next generation of fighter jets the F 35s sometime after 2020.

wanting to join the Guard these days understands that they will be deployed overseas and that signing bonuses have gone away, there still is a waiting list, Marlette said.

"We want to look at ways to get people of all genders and colors to the highest positions in this organization," Reisch said. "The Native Americans are a specific area we are going to target. They're 9 percent of our state's population. I want to see that percentage Converse Sandals Uk

"There isn't an end in sight," Reisch, head of the National Guard, told 150 officers gathered at the Ramkota Converse Blue And Red

Cheap White Converse High Tops Size 4

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