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Instead, that practice is controlled through zoning. Chickens would be allowed only in the rural area zone, the location of more intensive agricultural operations. So the only chickens you're likely to see on Queen Street will be on a rotiserie.

Today I'm exploring the serious side of the urban chicken debate. Such is the journalistic bipolarity of writing a humour column for Tuesdays and a local perspectives column for Saturdays.

The idea took a lot of flak, but gained some support onThe Sault Evening Newswebsite. Some readers noted a limited number of hens could provide non genetically modified eggs and meat to families and teach kids about animals.

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

An Internet search uncovers a flock of sites and blogs on both sides of the border advocating bylaw changes. The site hopes to change that with an online petition. Saskatoon, Calgary and Winnipeg are also under pressure to pass bylaws.

A how to raise chickens article on Wikihow Converse Low Cut Sneakers

Commissioner Jeff Stefanski noted that Lansing and Traverse City allow chickens, adding, "It is something worth looking at."

So if Sault Ste. Marie city council is approached to join the chicken Converse Chuck Ii Camo

And really, the only thing that differentiates chickens from those domestic pets that the city now accepts and regulates is that many people eat them and their eggs.

In our sister city, commissioner Ray Bauer raised the idea at a meeting last week of drafting an urban chicken bylaw. After a short discussion, he agreed to get more information before presenting the proposal again.

That could change. According to aUSA Todayarticle last year, a growing number of city dwellers are "choosing chickens as pets raising them for eggs that proponents say taste fresher, for pest control, for fertilizer and, as the economy continues to struggle, for a cost saving source of protein."

Though residential roosting does not appear to be an issue yet in the Canadian Sault, with the possible exception of pigeons, I'm convinced it soon will be. The urban chicken underground is spreading quickly through the United States and Canada, feeding on the local food movement.

"Chickens aren't just for the country any more," one wrote.

club, its decision will boil down to a Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8 choice between another endorsing what seems to be a positive trend in environmentalism or saying "not in my backyard."

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Still, a bylaw could address any concerns about backyard chickens by requiring permits; dictating minimum lot sizes, coop location and construction rules; outlining feed and waste removal practices; limiting numbers and banning roosters for noise control.

In my childhood, a woman up the street let her cats multiply to such an extent that they took over every neighbourhood garage, playhouse and sandbox.

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

A bylaw, backed up by proper enforcement, should be able to control any hazards of urban chicken keeping, as it does in other cities.

birdbrain could produce.

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

And years ago I covered a humane society raid on a small home in Cambridge, Ont., that contained 147 cats, most of them in appalling condition. Yet few people would propose a ban on cats within city limits.

Growing urban chicken movement might cross road

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., and Seattle all permit urban chickens, the magazine says.

suggests lining up a chicken sitter for your absences, appeasing the neighbours with free eggs, hawk and rat proofing the coop, using fly traps, cleaning regularly and building a cute "city friendly" coop.

Any uncontrolled animal can pose a problem.

You might have noticed that my column Tuesday, dealing with a tentative proposal to allow Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., residents to raise chickens within city limits, was mainly an excuse to trot out every poultry pun this Converse Shoes Men

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

But before we urge Sault city council to give urban chicken lovers free range, consider some of the drawbacks. Concerns include noise (almost everyone would draw the line at roosters), cleanliness, diseases such as avian flu, smell, rats and other predators, appearance, property values, possible mistreatment of birds, disposal of dead chickens and chickens running loose in neighbours' yards (or crossing the road).

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Indeed, advocates elsewhere cite environmental benefits, such as reduced food transportation and the consumption of kitchen waste and production of compost by chickens. One source notes backyard living conditions are generally more humane than the industrial production setting. Marie's chief building official Don Maki tells me we "don't have any issue here" with urban chickens, but there is no bylaw dealing specifically with people keeping chickens in their backyards.

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

Black Converse High Tops Womens Size 8

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