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you been brought up and what you believe in always plays an effect when you trying to make decisions, Vining said.

In a Facebook post, Leskiw said, agree with the motion in principle but our school boards, principals, and teachers are already doing what is right for kids The School Act and the Charter of Rights protects everyone. a former teacher and principal, goes on to say, my schools, I used the strength of law to guide my practices in creating atmospheres with the very spirit that Motion 503 inspires. That law has been further strengthened and will be further solidified by the regulations soon to follow. As Converse Shoes For Men Leather White

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

GSA vote prompts reaction

think the big piece that is being missed with GSAs is that these are basically student support groups, Vining said. is for any students to come forth and talk about this show their support for students who are closeted, or questioning and are really struggling where they at in life. the motion being defeated, Vining said he would like to see local school boards enact policies that would give principals direction if these things are requested of them, not only as a principal, but a father as well.

have) been known to save lives. news of Motion 503 being defeated particularly struck a chord with Cold Lake city councillor, principal, and father, Chris Vining, who has seen the effects first hand of students sexuality creating massive issues for them such as suicide attempts and physical evidence of the self harm.

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Mary Anne Penner, a trustee for the Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD), echoed Leskiw in saying that Catholic education is inclusive, but the board doesn see a need for special groups such as GSAs because they are no different than any other groups.

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

is about supporting student empowerment. This should be a non partisan issue putting kids first, Wells stated.

Saskiw said no board should be forced tgo accept that contradict their sincerely held beliefs. Kristopher Wells of the Institute of Sexual Minority Studies in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta said he was disappointed Hehr motion didn pass.

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such, I am of the belief that we have current legislation that sets the expectation that boards and schools have a fiduciary duty to support students in establishing organizations and groups that are inclusive, welcoming and respectful. said feedback from her constituents indicated that the motion would single out a specific group, thereby giving the impression that other groups are less important; would interfere with the autonomy of school districts; and already enshrined in the current Education Act. agreed.

do not turn anybody away because of race, colour, creed or gender and we quite comfortable offering a Catholic education to whoever comes through our doors. said she is not aware of any LCSD students, past or present, who have come forth to start a GSA.

was surprised to see so many of our Conservative members of government support it, said Wells, adding he was disappointed Education Minister Jeff Johnson voted against the bill.

often you look to the board to get a feeling what their direction is because as an employee, I can do something that going to contradict the will of the board, Vining said. If they don support the idea, you not going to be able to have (a GSA). says a stumbling block for these groups can occur if an administrator has a specific set of values or is of a specific belief , in which case they can refuse any particular student organization.

a parent, my kids are little, I don know where my kids fall in terms of their own sexuality, but when they hit that age or their friends hit that age I think it incumbent upon us to make sure those kids are protected and that they can by default go to a structure that allows support Converse Dainty Ox Grey

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would we want to segregate them or Converse Glittery

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

set them apart? To me an inclusive education means everyone is treated equitably with dignity and respect. All Black Converse High Tops Sale It doesn make any difference who they are, Penner said.

to occur, Vining said.

bill defeat) has created an apartheid system of education. said leaving the decision around GSAs to school boards could lead to the boards not living up to their responsibility, meaning the government must step in.

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a challenging time for kids. works at the Cold Lake Outreach School under the Northern Lights School Division banner, and said, as an example, if a student(s) asked to form a GSA, the matter would be taken to that particular school local board.

school boards are best suited to deal with the bullying issue, he said, adding the Alberta School Boards Association and Catholic boards were not consulted on the issue.

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

All Black Converse High Tops Sale

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